Android Book Mobile

Lookup books from Google Books using your Android device.

Pronounced phonetically it might be mobile like the phone or "mobeal" like the town in Alabama, USA (which is actually spelled Mobile). Or perhaps it's like BookMobile. I use the later.

Build your personal library at home or in the store. Most books have a barcode of the ISBN. Android Book Mobile will scan the barcode using the camera on your device, then look up the book at Google Books. If the book is not in your personal library, you can add it.

Your books. You're mobile.

It is your library of books. Why not have access while you are mobile?

While you are in the book store, scan the ISBN barcode on the book to see if you already have it in your library. If it's not in your library, add it with the press of a button. You can read reviews to help you decide. Still not enough information? Check out the menu for links to Google Books and other sources.

Have you ever come home with a book only to discover you already own a copy? This is the scenario for which I wrote Android Book Mobile. Sure, you read the jacket. Sure, you read a few pages of the first chapter. It might seem familiar. Perhaps like a movie you saw once but the title evades you at the moment. Back at home, by the end of the second chapter you curse up a storm and go find the other copy stashed away in a box or on a shelf!

Or scan through your whole library. Android Book Mobile will retrieve a handful of books at a time. Scroll down to the bottom and more books will be retrieved until your whole library is loaded. With each result the library will be re-sorted by author. Sorry, for now it is sorting by authors first name. Again, sorry about that. Select a book to view the detail screen -- though version 1 does not have much detail. The data you see comes from Google Books. Make sure you check out the menu for links to Google Books and other sources.